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Be a Performance Enhancement Consultant
Beneficial Role of External Focus
Cognitions and Emotions Experienced under Pressure
Communicating Effectively
Decision-Making and Reported Thought Processes Among Expert, Intermediate, and Novice Poker Players
Determinants of Social Physique Anxiety in Collegiate Female Athletes
Development and Validation of the Shared Mental Models in Team Sports Questionnaire
Dynamic Nature of the Emotion-Cognition Link in Trapshooting Performance
Effect of Case Studies on Individual Learning Outcomes, Attitudes Toward Instruction, and Team Shared Mental Models in a Team-Based Learning Environment in an          Undergraduate Educational Psychology Course
Effect of Coach Expectations on Athletes' Motivation to Practice
Effects of Imagery on Perceived Exertion, Attention, and Exercise Adherence
Effects of Meta-Motivational Dominance Sensation Seeking on Performance under Pressure
Explicit and Implicit Types of Communication
Facilitation of Automaticity
Flow, Attentional Strategy, and Self-Presentation in Runner Participating in 5 and 10          Kilometer Road Races
Functional Model of Team Leadership for Sport
Ironic Processes of Mental Control of Action in Tennis
Motivation and Coping in the Sport of Triathlons
Predicting Physical Activity in Former High School Athletes
Relationship Between Mental Toughness, Relaxation Activities, and Sleep in Athletes at Different Skill Levels
Relationship Between Satisfaction with Social Support and Career Thoughts in College Student Athletes
Relationship Between Self-Presentation, Body Image Satisfaction, and Body Change Strategies in Weight Class and Non-Weight Class Male Athletes
Self-Objectification and Exercise Behaviors
Self-Presentation and Health-Damaging Behaviors in Sport
Shared Knowledge in High School Basketball Teams
Shared Mental Model Utilization Among High School Basketball Players
Singer's Five-Step Approach
Team Knowledge Sharing Intervention Effects on Team Shared Mental Models and Team Performance in an Undergraduate Meteorology Course
Time Estimation Among Basketball Players
Visual and Skill Effects on Soccer Passing
You Are What You Do