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"I Kinda Just Messed with It"
"What's Love Got to Do with It?"
Advice and Discontent
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in the Seventeenth Century
Approaching Rapture
Blood Vinyls
Blood We Did Not Spill
Blue-Skinned Gods a Novel
Book Illustration and Intersemiotic Translation in Early Modern England
Cruel and Astonishing Tale of Imogen Cabral Da Gama
Darker Matters
Defining Dramatic and Theatrical Interruptions Shakespeare, Jonson, Fletcher
Dislocation of Man in the Modern Age
Do Not Forget His Name
Eli Harpo's Adventure to the Afterlife
Engendering a Medieval Miscellany
Every Lock Lets You in if You Listen
Everyday Writing Assessment
Evolving Constructions of Love and Marriage in Austen, Eliot, and Wilde
Forever in Clovis
Gods of Fire
Laws of Fantasy Remix
Like a Rolling Stone
Literary Violence in the Age of Depression
Living Panic
Lubbock I Carry
Mary Elizabeth Braddon's 'Unknown Public'
Misbegotten Sisterhood
Modernist Empathy in American Litearture
More Modes, More Problems Examining Tutor Education in Multimodal Writing Centers
Overwriting Literature and Other Acts of Cultural Terrorism in the Control Era
Personal, the Political, and the Confessional
Portrait of Everyday Writing
Preliminaries for Winter
Requisite to Great Undertakings
Revision and Collaboration in the Henry VI Plays
Rhetoric on a Slant
Role of Motivation in International ESL Graduate Students' Engagement with Writing at the University Writing Center
Sexual Assault and Masculinity in Chivalric Romance
Shell Juju
Two Guys with Guns Rob Me a Collection of Poetry
Understanding, Perception, and Accommodation of Disability in Writing Centers
Visualizing Transfer