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Architecture Pedagogy
Art Educators Crossing Borders
Art Materials and Anxiety
Art Therapists' Adoption and Diffusion of Computer and Digital Imagery Technology
Art Therapy as an Agent for Change in Pre-Service Teachers' Attitudes and Perceptions of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities
Art Therapy Interventions for Understanding Students' Perceptions of School Bullying
Art Therapy to Improve the Relationship Between Caregivers and Spouses with Alzheimer's Disease
Artistically Serving
Assessing the Assessment
Attributes of United States Community Chorus' Success and Longevity
Brief Cognitive Behavioral Art Therapy for Anxiety Disorders
Career Paths of Non-European-American Executive Opera Administrators in the United States
Case Studies of Art Therapy as a Tool to Aide Adjustment to College
Coming to the Studio, Going with the Flow
Confronting Culture Blindness
Considerations for Implementing Culturally and Ethically Appropriate Short-Term Art Therapy Interventions in          Economically-Challenged Countries
Creativity and Mental Illness
Design for Wellbeing
Developing a Short-Term Art Therapy Protocol for a University Counseling Center to Address Trauma
Developing Effective Principles for the Use of Art Materials in Pediatric Medical Settings
Effect of Art Therapy on Cognitive Performance Among Ethnically Diverse Older Adults
Empathy Workshops
Evaluating the Use of Art Therapy with Couples in Counseling
Exploration of Creativity and Resiliency in Survivors of Hurricane Katrina
Family Art Therapy
From Mandala Creation to Individuation
How Visibly Different Children Respond to Story-Creation
Identifying the Critical Aspects of the Built Environment for Effective Art Education          in Institutions of Higher Education
Importance of Context
Military Veteran Use of Visual Journaling during Recovery
Motives of Art Theft
Multigoal Policy Analysis of the Arts in Education Program of the National Endowment for the Arts and Five Selected State Arts Agencies
Promotion of Visual Perceptual Development Through Therapeutic Art Education
Reduction of Test Anxiety by Using Mandalas
Schizophrenic Communication
Short-Term Qualitative Impact of an Interdisciplinary Arts-Centered Curriculum on Rural, At-Risk Middle School Students