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Along freedom’s road: Ruth Willis Perry and the discourse of civil rights
Asserting indigenous nationalism: Bolivia and the struggle for self-determination.
Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire: external hindrances to economic development from colonization to structural adjustment.
Legislating the invisible hand: the Port of London and the Atlantic World, 1750-1815
Rescue the perishing: reform activity of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and an examination of the Magdalene Union of North Tampa, Florida, 1905-1922.
The Russian bell: did the Soviets alter the zvon?
Sorting out the callaloo: the effect of East Indian identureship on race relations in the former British Caribbean.
Symbiosis: the relationship that led to Euthanasia Aktion T4 and medical experimentation on human subjects.
tale of two cities: an analysis of factors for Genoese and Venetian expansion during the crusading era, as seen in their naval technology and tradition.
The decline of African-American participation in Major League Baseball.
The Judenrate: Jewish councils in the ghettos during the Holocaust.
The Polish government and ethnic minorities: the effects of nationalism during the inter-war period.
The role of non-professional soccer clubs and leagues on Latin American immigrants in the United States.