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[1+∞=¿]: Eden, Dystopia, and a theistic humanism
Audience costs, autocratic regimes, and militarized conflict
Copper bis(phenanthroline) complexes as simple models for molecular transducers
D1 antagonist & [delta] FosB
distribution and program design of the IMF's poverty reduction and growth facility
Finding virtue in the feminine: Plutarch's precepts for women
Identification of novel nuclear markers for use in phylogenetic analysis
Late Quaternary history of southern Cumberland Island, Georgia
The mafia in America: the media's influence on stereotypes of Italian Americans
Nucleon pairing approximations in the nuclear shell model
A proposed curriculum model for the development of a process of valuing at the secondary school level
Read all about it: a college musical
Semantic fast mapping in kindergarteners after minimal exposure to written non-words
The sonic fetish: a study of the Marxist approach to popular music
Wilde women: gender and performance in the social comedies of Oscar Wilde