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absence of specific yeast heat-shock proteins leads to abnormal aggregation and compromised autophagic clearance of mutant Huntingtin proteins.
Comparison of Second-Degree and Traditional Baccalaureate Nursing Students’ Performance in Managing Acute Patient Deterioration
effect of psychological interventions on the prevention of chronic pain in adults
Effect of Tailored Web-Based Interventions on Pain in Adults
effect of tailored Web-based interventions on pain in adults
Improving Cardiovascular Disease Knowledge among Rural Participants
Quality of Life Among Black Prostate Cancer Survivors
Relation among Prostate Cancer Knowledge and Psychosocial Factors for Prostate Cancer Screening among African American Men
Remote Health Monitoring for Older Adults and Those with Heart Failure
Self-management of cardiac pain in women
Stress Management among Parents of Neonates Hospitalized in NICU
Symptomatology and Coping Resources Predict Self-Care Behaviors in Middle to Older Age Patients with Heart Failure
Two Obese Patients with Presumptive Diagnosis of Anaphylactoid Syndrome of Pregnancy Presenting at a Community Hospital.