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Alpha-unbound Levels In Ar-34 From Ar-36(p,t)ar-34 Reaction Measurements And Implications For The Astrophysical S-30(alpha, P)cl-33 Reaction Rate
Bose-einstein Correlations In Pp, Ppb, And Pbpb Collisions At Root S(nn)=0.9-7 Tev
Cluster Folding Analysis Of Ne-20+o-16 Elastic Transfer
Cluster Structure Of O-17
Constraints On The Chiral Magnetic Effect Using Charge-dependent Azimuthal Correlations In Ppb And Pbpb Collisions At The Cern Large Hadron Collider
Determination Of The Real Part Of The Eta '-nb Optical Potential
Difference In Proton Radii Of Mirror Nuclei As A Possible Surrogate For The Neutron Skin
Double K-s(0) Photoproduction Off The Proton At Clas
Exclusive Eta Electroproduction At W > 2 Gev With Clas And Transversity Generalized Parton Distributions
Exclusive Photoproduction Of Pi Degrees Up To Large Values Of Mandelstam Variables S, T, And U With Clas
Gamma-ray Decay From Neutron-bound And Unbound States In Mo-95 And A Novel Technique For Spin Determination
gamma-soft Ba-146 and the role of nonaxial shapes at N approximate to 90
Half-lives Of Neutron-rich Cd128-130
Independent Measurement Of The Hoyle State Beta Feeding From B-12 Using Gammasphere
Indirect Study Of The Stellar Ar-34(alpha, P)k-37 Reaction Rate Through Ca-40(p, T)ca-38 Reaction Measurements
Interaction Of He-8 With Pb-208 At Near-barrier Energies
Intruder Configurations Of Excited States In The Neutron-rich Isotopes P-33 And P-34
Measurement Of Inclusive Jet Cross Sections In Pp And Pbpb Collisions At Root S(nn)=2.76 Tev
Measurement Of Target And Double-spin Asymmetries For The (e)over-right-arrow (p)over-right-arrow -> E Pi(+)(n) Reaction In The Nucleon Resonance Region At Low Q(2)
Measurement Of The Beam Asymmetry Sigma And The Target Asymmetry T In The Photoproduction Of Omega Mesons Off The Proton Using Clas At Jefferson Laboratory
Measurement Of The Beam Asymmetry Sigma For Pi(0) And Eta Photoproduction On The Proton At E-gamma=9 Gev
Measurements Of The Gamma(upsilon)p -> P 'pi(+)pi(- )cross Section With The Clas Detector For 0.4 Gev2 < Q(2) < 1.0 Gev2 And 1.3 Gev < W < 1.825 Gev
Multiple Band Structures In Ge-70
Nuclear mass predictions for the crustal composition of neutron stars
Octupole Strength In The Neutron-rich Calcium Isotopes
Persistence of collective behavior at high spin in the N = 88 nucleus 153Tb
Photoproduction Of Lambda And Sigma(0) Hyperons Using Linearly Polarized Photons
Photoproduction Of The F(1)(1285) Meson
Power Of Two
Radiative Decay Of Neutron-unbound Intruder States In O-19
Reaction Rate For Carbon Burning In Massive Stars
Sensitivity Of The Fusion Cross Section To The Density Dependence Of The Symmetry Energy
Structure Of C-14 And B-14 From The C-14,c-15(d,he-3)b-13,b-14 Reactions
Sub-coulomb He-3 Transfer And Its Use To Extract Three-particle Asymptotic Normalization Coefficients
Target And Beam-target Spin Asymmetries In Exclusive Pi(+) And Pi(-) Electroproduction With 1.6-to 5.7-gev Electrons
Target And Beam-target Spin Asymmetries In Exclusive Pion Electroproduction For Q(2) > 1 Gev2. I. Ep -> E Pi(+)n
Target And Beam-target Spin Asymmetries In Exclusive Pion Electroproduction For Q(2) > 1 Gev2. Ii. Ep -> E Pi(0) P
Validating Neural-network Refinements Of Nuclear Mass Models