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We're Not Invisible
Ubiquilin/Dsk2 promotes inclusion body formation and vacuole (lysosome)-mediated disposal of mutated huntingtin.
Trichostatin A (TSA) facilitates formation of partner preference in male prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster).
This is What We Do
Template base for chemistry molecule
Spindle assembly checkpoint silencing and beyond.
Spinal Microgliosis Due to Resident Microglial Proliferation Is Required for Pain Hypersensitivity after Peripheral Nerve Injury.
Sphingolipids in spinal cord injury.
Sinfonia A 7 in F major (1749) by Johann Samuel Endler (1694-1762)
Shifting Perspectives
Sex Differences in Drosophila Somatic Gene Expression
seven last words of Jesus Christ on the cross (original composition)
Round test tube rack
Rescuing macrophage normal function in spinal cord injury with embryonic stem cell conditioned media.
Rapid Identification and Characterization of Francisella by Molecular Biology and Other Techniques.
PDF datastream
Patterns in Adult and Subadult Upper Limb Asymetry from North American Archaic and Mississippian Populations
Out and About
Old Time Tallahassee
Neurons That Underlie Drosophila melanogaster Reproductive Behaviors
Nanoparticle analysis sheds budding insights into genetic drivers of extracellular vesicle biogenesis.
Multiple organ dysfunction and systemic inflammation after spinal cord injury
Maintenance of neuronal size gradient in MNTB requires sound-evoked activity.
Life, Shapes, and the Future of History Condensed
Leveraging LC's Linked Data API
Intercellular Coupling of the Cell Cycle and Circadian Clock in Adult Stem Cell Culture.
If These Walls Could Talk
Higher-protein Intake And Physical Activity Are Associated With Healthier Body Composition And Cardiometabolic Health In Hispanic Adults
Going Rogue
Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor activation regulates cocaine actions and dopamine homeostasis in the lateral septum by decreasing arachidonic acid levels.
Embodiments of Silence
Doven Souls
DigiNole 2.0 Virtual Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
Chelsea House
Catharsis II
Bioinformatic analysis reveals the expression of unique transcriptomic signatures in Zika virus infected human neural stem cells.
Aqueous Myth