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Are screening methods useful in feature selection?
Autobiographical Memory and Psychological Distress in a Sample of Upper-Limb Amputees
Differentially Expressed Genes and Signature Pathways of Human Prostate Cancer
Dopamine Receptor and Gα(olf) Expression in DYT1 Dystonia Mouse Models during Postnatal Development
Functional Role of Kallikrein 6 in Regulating Immune Cell Survival
Genetic Dissection of Dual Roles for the Transcription Factor six7 in Photoreceptor Development and Patterning in Zebrafish
Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells are Resistant to Paclitaxel by Adopting a Non-Proliferative Fibroblastic State
Landmark-Free Method for Three-Dimensional Shape Analysis
Molecular Genetic Architecture of Self-Employment
Perceived Weight Discrimination and Obesity
Personality, Metabolic Rate and Aerobic Capacity
Pharmacokinetic Properties of 2(nd)-Generation Fibroblast Growth Factor-1 Mutants for          Therapeutic Application
Tornado Intensity Estimated from Damage Path Dimensions