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Staging Ireland
Art of Adaptation through the Analysis of Stanley Kubrick Films
Intimate Invasions
Southernness, Not Otherness
Art of Immortality
comparison of the contributions of two art education leaders in a specific publication of each with special reference to creative painting in the lower elementary school
Southern review
Best selling religious fiction, 1900-1953
Atlantic novel contest
James Daugherty
analysis of a selected list of books of historical fiction that have developmental values for the intermediate grades
study of the Winston adventure books series
appraisal of the Best American short stories with an analysis of the selections from the period 1939-1949
Performativity of the Creation of Visual Art
Regionalism in some novels of Fernán Caballero, Valera, Palacio Valdés, and Pardo Bazán
study of the older romance meters with a possible solution of the "Cid"
Dramatic art of Benito Pérez Galdós
English cycle of love sonnets
Introduction to Troilus and Cressida
study of the satire of Swift