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The portrayal of literacy in children's picture storybooks about African-Americans: A content analysis
Relative effectiveness of training in, or awareness of, the use of coded elaborative outline and question-writing in learning from texts
Interactive storybook software and kindergarten children: The effect on verbal ability and emergent storybook reading behaviors
Children's perceptions on the acquisition of chapter book literacy
A descriptive analysis of test scores posted by seven community colleges on the communication subtests of the College-Level Academic Skills Test
A naturalistic study of teacher use and selection of materials for elementary reading instruction
The use of storybook reading in a cross-age tutoring program to enhance the reading skills of low-ability high school students
Visual literacy as it relates to picture book use by selected fifth-grade students
Implementation and integration of a computer-based integrated learning system in an elementary school
A comparison of three schema-based methods of vocabulary instruction
An evaluation and critique of a middle school reading program: A case study
An evaluation of computer-assisted instruction in phonological awareness with below-average readers
The roles of the school library media specialist in an elementary school using a literature-based reading program: An ethnographic case study
A model for reading comprehension
An experimental study on the effect of student question generation on reading achievement
The nature of phonological processing abilities: A study of kindergarten and second-grade children
The effects of two types of phonological awareness training on word learning in kindergarten children
The effects of a testwiseness training program on college students' Nelson-Denny Reading Test performance
An investigation of metacognitive training on the reading comprehension of at-risk college students
The effects of textual display and time on the learning of text materials containing adjunct questions
The effectiveness of captioned illustrations as instruction with low reading level vocational students
An experimental study of the effects on reading comprehension of instruction in the MRM comprehension strategy
The role of phonological awareness and orthographic knowledge in first-grade reading achievement
The effects of oral, silent, and listening repetitive reading on the fluency and comprehension of learning-disabled students
Punctuation and reading comprehension among seventh and eighth-grade students in a university lab school: An assessment
Effects of Repeated Reading on decoding disfluency and reading comprehension
Psychometric characteristics of a phonological processing battery
The effects of extensive practice in decoding delivered via computer programs on the reading performance of learning-disabled students
The relationship between field-dependent/independent cognitive learning styles and selected cognitive processes in efficient/deficient reading skills among community college students
An evaluation of the effectiveness of two methods for providing computer-assisted repeated reading training to reading-disabled students
Developing executive control processes in reading: The design and evaluation of the reading strategies training program