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The attitudes of non-native ESL teachers toward a notational/functional syllabus
Selecting multicultural literature for secondary schools in Trinidad, a pluralistic country
The impact of Greek bilingual programs on the academic performance language preservation and ethnicity of Greek-American students: A case study in Chicago
The teaching of culture in foreign language education: A Chinese perspective
The children's literature curriculum of an elementary school: A microethnography
Improvement in reading comprehension and writing performance as a function of text-interactive instruction
A comparative study of the readability and comprehensibility of a simplified and the original version of an American short story with students of English as a Foreign Language
Pronunciation difficulties as experienced by Kuwaiti students learning English as a Foreign Language
Motivation and achievement of Greek students in English as a Foreign Language as seen from the perspective of gender and parental education
An analysis of attitudes, values, and literary quality of contemporary young adult romance series novels
The texts of teaching: A study of the conceptualization and practice of college composition instruction using a literary theory model of educational research
The use of the personal reflexive journal in the adult literacy tutorial: The case of Jane
English as a Second Language student preferences in regard to computerized language learning: A multiple case study
The effects of two curricular approaches on junior high students' attitudes towards Hispanics
A comparison of the effects of aesthetically and non-aesthetically illustrated language materials on comprehension of young children
Students' perceptions of growth in writing
Differences in the understanding of French culture between undergraduate college students taught French literature in French and those taught in English