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Absence Of Specific Yeast Heat-shock Proteins Leads To Abnormal Aggregation And Compromised Autophagic Clearance Of Mutant Huntingtin Proteins
Attention And Working Memory Deficits In A Perinatal Nicotine Exposure Mouse Model
Behavioral Immune System Activity Predicts Downregulation Of Chronic Basal Inflammation
Bias Caused By Sampling Error In Meta-analysis With Small Sample Sizes
Biochemical Mechanisms for Geographical Adaptations to Novel Toxin Exposures in Butterflyfish
Bioturbation by the Fungus-Gardening Ant, Trachymyrmex septentrionalis
Carbon Abatement and Emissions Associated with the Gasification of Walnut Shells for Bioenergy and Biochar Production
Cardiomyocyte Circadian Oscillations Are Cell-Autonomous, Amplified by beta-Adrenergic Signaling, and Synchronized in Cardiac Ventricle Tissue
Chronic Methamphetamine Effects on Brain Structure and Function in Rats
A Critical Evaluation of the Down Syndrome Diagnosis for LB1, Type Specimen of Homo floresiensis
Demographics As Predictors Of Suicidal Thoughts And Behaviors
Dpb11 May Function With Rpa And Dna To Initiate Dna Replication
Elevated Resistin Gene Expression in African American Estrogen and Progesterone Receptor Negative Breast Cancer
Experimental Study Of Turtle Shell Rattle Production And The Implications For Archaeofaunal Assemblages
Exposure to Pre- and Perinatal Risk Factors Partially Explains Mean Differences in Self-Regulation between Races
Fluorescent Protein-Based Ca2+ Sensor Reveals Global, Divalent Cation-Dependent Conformational Changes in Cardiac Troponin C
HIV Screening Rates among Medicaid Enrollees Diagnosed with Other Sexually Transmitted Infections
How Plant Neighborhood Composition Influences Herbivory
Impacts Of The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Evaluated Using An End-to-end Ecosystem Model
In Wrong Anticipation - Miscalibrated Beliefs between Germans, Israelis, and Palestinians
Incidence of Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity and the Overlap of Comorbidities in HIV plus Hispanics Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy
Influence of Repressive Histone and DNA Methylation upon D4Z4 Transcription in Non-Myogenic Cells
Interactive Effects Of Precipitation And Nitrogen Enrichment On Multi-trophic Dynamics In Plant-arthropod Communities
Isotope Niche Dimension And Trophic Overlap Between Bigheaded Carps And Native Filter Feeding Fish In The Lower Missouri River, Usa
A Landmark-Free Method for Three-Dimensional Shape Analysis
Looking Behind The Score
Magmatic Evolution Of Panama Canal Volcanic Rocks
Mining Twitter to Assess the Public Perception of the "Internet of Things"
Multi-stage Optimization Of A Deep Model
Multiparametric [F-18]Fluorodeoxyglucose/[F-18]Fluoromisonidazole Positron Emission Tomography/Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer for the Non-Invasive Detection of Tumor Heterogeneity
New Approach For Incorporating N-15 Isotopic Data Into Linear Inverse Ecosystem Models With Markov Chain Monte Carlo Sampling
Pockets Of Progress Amidst Persistent Racial Disparities In Low Birthweight Rates
Practices Of Research Data Curation In Institutional Repositories
Researchers' Participation In And Motivations For Engaging With Research Information Management Systems
Simulated Annealing Heuristic For Maximum Correlation Core/periphery Partitioning Of Binary Networks
Spatial and Temporal Variation in the Effects of Climatic Variables on Dugong Calf Production
An Unusual Inverted Saline Microbial Mat Community in an Interdune Sabkha in the Rub' al Khali (the Empty Quarter), United Arab Emirates