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Athlete Coping and the Influence of Coach Leadership Behaviors in Elite Figure Skaters
Athlete Transition
Cascading Effect
Contributions of Psychological Skills and Mindfulness to NCAA Student-Athlete Well-Being
Effects of a Psychological Skills Training Program on Maintenance of Use and Self-Efficacy in Psychological Methods
Effects of Acute Exercise on Driving Performance and Executive Functions in Healthy Older Adults
Effects of Cardiovascular Health on Cognitive Function and Driving Performance among Healthy Older Adults
Effects of Music Tempo on Physical and Psychological Aspects of Isometric Strength Exercise
Error-Detection in Marksmanship
Examining First-Year Student-Athlete Transition into College
Factors Influencing and Predicting the Likelihood of Mental Health Help-Seeking of Collegiate Student-Athletes
Gaze Behaviors in Serve Returns
Implementation and Evaluation of a Performance Profile Intervention with Collegiate Dancers
Individual Affect-Related Performance Zones Using Various Performance Rating Methods
Influence of Perceived Stress on the Relationship between Perfectionism and Burnout in Specialized versus Multiple Sport Division II and III Track and Field Collegiate Athletes
Mindfulness Meditation Training for Sport and Injury Rehabilitation with High School Athletes
Question of Choking
Self-Concept Clarity of Transitioning Athletes
Shifts in Adaptation
Stress Appraisal, Perceived Controllability, and Coping Function of Youth Volleyball Players
Supervision of Applied Sport Psychology in Graduate Programs in the USA
Testing the Expanded Sport Official's Decision-Making Model
Thought Suppression Paradox in Student Athletes and Its Intervention