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Beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl-butyrate blunts negative age-related changes in body composition, functionality and myofiber dimensions in rats.
The effect of six days of dietary nitrate supplementation on performance in trained CrossFit athletes
Effects of a Multi-ingredient Dietary Supplement on Body Composition, Adipokines,          Blood Lipids, and Metabolic Health in Overweight and Obese Men and Women
effects of a multi-ingredient supplement on markers of muscle damage and inflammation following downhill running in females.
effects of six weeks of supplementation with multi-ingredient performance supplements and resistance training on anabolic hormones, body composition, strength, and power in resistance-trained men.
Impact of a Pre-Loaded Multi-Ingredient Perfermance Supplement on Muscle Soreness and Performance Following Downhill Running
International society of sports nutrition position stand
International Society of Sports Nutrition Position Stand