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Thermodynamic Evolution of Recurving Tropical Cyclone Bonnie (1998)
Microwave Radiative Transfer Modeling of Ice in the Atmosphere
Variability of Intraseasonal Precipitation Extremes Associated with ENSO in          Panama
Lightning Observations during Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change
Improving Hurricane Intensity Forecasts in a Mesoscale Model via Microphysical          Parameterization Methods
Assessing the Potential Impact of Gifts Data to Severe Convective Precipitation          Prediction
Hydrological Budgets of Landfalling Tropical Cyclones
Study of the Probability of Clear Line of Sight Through Single-Layer Cumulus Cloud Fields in the Tropical Western Pacific
Comparison of ECMWF and Quikscat-Derived Surface Pressure Gradients
Statistical Associations Between Large Scale Climate Oscillations and Mesoscale Surface Meteorological Variability in the Apalachicola Chattahoochee-Flint River          Basin
Developing a Statistical Forecast Model for Initiating Lightning over West Texas and          New Mexico
Effects of Particle Loading and Temperature on Particle-Laden Buoyant Jets
Boundary Layer Structure in Landfalling Tropical Cyclones
Storm-Relative Eulerian Absolute Angular Momentum Tendency in Atlantic Tropical Cyclones
Modeling Snow Aggregates and Their Single Scattering Properties
Characterizing the Variability of the Indian Monsoon
On Determining the Hurricane Boundary Layer
Developing Statistical Guidance for Forecasting the Amount of Warm Season Afternoon and Evening Lightning in South Florida
Examination of Summertime Transport Processes during Intex-A Using Meteorological Analyses and Synthetic Mopitt Carbon Monoxide Retrievals
Spatial Filter Approach to Determining the Role of Convection on the Evolution of a Mesoscale Vortex
Utility of the ERA40 Cyclone Phase Space in Trend Diagnosis and North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Reanalysis
Prediction of Global Distribution of Cloud Cover Using Multimodel Ensemble
Superensemble Forecasts of Hurricane Track and Intensity Using a Suite of Mesoscale Models
Quasi-Lagrangian Sampling of Air Pollution by Aircraft during the Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment Phase B
Study of the Viability of a Mesoscale Network Using Rooftop Weather Systems
Analysis of Cyclogenesis for Mid-Latitude and Tropical Storms Using the Petterssen-Sutcliffe Development Equation
Improved Vegetation Characterization and Freeze Statistics in a Regional Spectral Model for the Florida Citrus Farming Region
Skill Assessment and Benefits on Applying the New Weather Research and Forecast Model to National Weather Service Forecast Operations
Generation of an Empirical Soil Moisture Initialization and Its Potential Impact on Subseasonal Forecasting Skill of Continental Precipitation and Air          Temperature
Development of a New Storm Surge Index for Global Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Generated Storm Surge
Mesoscale Superensemble Forecasts with a Suite of Models over the Continental United States and North America
Preliminary Steps Towards Improving Short-Term QPF Using Airs Observations Through 4D-Var Data Assimilation
Effects of ENSO, NAO (PVO), and PDO on Monthly Extreme Temperatures and Precipitation
Climate Feedback Analysis of the GFDL IPCC AR4 Global Warming Simulation
Examination of Tropical Cyclone Evolution Using Curvature Vorticity and Shear Vorticity