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4D-Var Assimilation of Toms Ozone Measurements for the Prediction of Mid-Latitude Winter Storms
Development of the Coamps Adjoint Mesoscale Modeling System for Assimilating Microwave          Radiances within Hurricanes.
Development of the Finite-Volume Dynamical Core on the Cubed-Sphere
Effects of ENSO, NAO (PVO), and PDO on Monthly Extreme Temperatures and Precipitation
ENSO Event Reproduction
Experimental Forest Fire Threat Forecast
Fine Resolution Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) for the Black Sea with a New Solar Radiation Penetration Scheme
influence of the Atlantic Warm Pool on Panhandle Florida Sea Breeze
Long-Term ENSO-Related Winter Rainfall Predictions over the Southeast U.S. Using the FSU Global Spectral Model
Modeling the Effect of Eddies and Advection on the Lower Trophic Ecosystem in the Northeast Tropical Pacific
proxy for high-resolution regional reanalysis for the Southeast United States
Trends in Maximum and Minimum Temperature Deciles in Select Regions of the United          States
Use of Scale Interactions as a Framework for the Maintenance of the Madden Julian Oscillation
Validation of the FSU/COAPS Climate Model
Variability of Intraseasonal Precipitation Extremes Associated with ENSO in          Panama
Wintertime ENSO Variability in Wind Direction Across the Southeast United States