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vortex isolation and removal algorithm for numerical weather prediction model          tropical cyclone applications
Understanding wet season variations over Florida
Top-down, bottom-up and physical controls on diatom-diazotroph assemblage growth in the          Amazon River plume
Recent historically low global tropical cyclone activity
Quantifying variance due to temporal and spatial difference between ship and satellite          winds
proxy for high-resolution regional reanalysis for the Southeast United States
Operational marine forecasters and the importance of marine forecasting
On the variability of the Mediterranean Outflow Water in the Atlantic Ocean from 1948          to 2006
modeling study of the interaction between the Atlantic Warm Pool, the tropical          Atlantic easterlies, and the Lesser Antilles
latent heat retrieval and its effects on the intensity and structure change of          Hurricane Guillermo (1997). Part I
influence of the Atlantic Warm Pool on Panhandle Florida Sea Breeze
High-resolution satellite surface latent heat fluxes in North Atlantic          hurricanes
High-latitude ocean and sea ice surface fluxes
Generation of mesoscale eddies in the lee of the Hawaiian Islands
Generation of an empirical soil moisture initialization and its potential impact on          subseasonal forecasting skill of continental precipitation and air temperature
Evaluation of dynamically downscaled reanalysis precipitation data for hydrological          application in the southeast United States
Dynamic downscaling of the North American Monsoon with the NCEP-Scripps Regional          Spectral Model from the NCEP CFS global model
comparison of sequential assimilation schemes for ocean prediction with the HYbrid          Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM). Part I
Climate Data Issues from an Oceanographic Remote Sensing Perspective
California reanalysis downscaling at 10 km using an ocean-atmosphere coupled regional model system
arrested Agulhas retroflection