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Automatic Fog Detection in Day and Night Images to Improve Highway Driving Conditions
Comparison of Wi-Fi and WiMAX with Case Studies
Designing Reliable Large-Scale Storage Arrays
Energy Efficient Routing Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
Fixed-Point Implementation of Discrete Hirschman Transform
Hirschman Transform Applications in Compressive Sensing
Intelligent Transport System and Wireless Communication Technology Overview for Safety in Connected Vehicles
Iscsi-Based Storage Area Networks for Disaster Recovery Operations
Minimizing FIR Filter Designs Implemented in FPGAs Utilizing Minimized Adder Graph Techniques
Modeling and Application of Effective Channel Utilization in Wireless Networks
New Scheme for Emergency Message Dissemination in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Object Detection Techniques Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Secure and Robust Adaptive Digital Image Watermarking Methods in Spatial and Wavelet Domains
Securing SDLC & NTCIP Type Messages for Actuated Signal Controllers
Signal Processor for a Power System Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring System
Some Theory and an Experiment on the Fundamentals of Hirschman Uncertainty
Sparse FIR Filters and the Impact on FPGA Area Usage
Spectrum Management in Wireless Networks
Study of Correlations Between Microwave Transmissions and Atmospheric Effects