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Alone but Feeling No Pain
Committed but Closed-Minded
Does a Broken Heart Lead to an Empty Wallet?
Does Resolved Uncertainty Continue to Undermine Self-Regulation?
Effect of Social Exclusion on Close Relationships
Ego Depletion Decreases Trust in Economic Decision Making
Ego Depletion, Working Memory, and the Executive Function of the Self
Energy in the Air and Psychological Work
Expressing Gratitude and Gaining (or Losing) Status
Forgiving Freely
Free to Choose, Free to Dislike
Glucose Allocation during Self-Regulation as a Function of Cognitive Assumptions, Role Motivations, and Monetary Incentives
Grit, Self-Control and the Fear of Failure
If I Can't Feel Your Pain, Then I Inflict Pain on You
Need to Belong and Motivated Gratitude
Neuroendocrine and Affective Responses to Social Rejection and Acceptance by Peers
Power and Belonging
Power to Help
Pride and Humility
Psychological Presence of Family Improves Self-Control
Risk-Taking as a Mating Strategy
Self-Regulation and Sexual Restraint
Sex Ratio, Sociosexual Orientation, and Intrasexual Aggression
Shooting the Shit
Stereotype Suppression Effects on Self-Control of Alcohol Consumption
Two Side-Effect Effects
Unfulfilled Goals Interfere with Other, Unrelated Pursuits
Want to Stand Out or Blend in?
Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleave
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
Your Reputation Precedes You