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Anatomy Of The Column Density Probability Distribution Function (n-pdf)
Complete Census Of Luminous Stellar Variability On Day To Decade Timescales
Constraints For The Progenitor Masses Of Historic Core-collapse Supernovae
Cosmic Microwave Background Mapmaking With A Messenger Field
Early Detection And Follow-up Of The Highly Obscured Type Ii Supernova 2016ija/dlt16am
Gaia17biu/sn 2017egm In Ngc 3191
Gmc Collisions As Triggers Of Star Formation. Iii. Density And Magnetically Regulated Star Formation
How Turbulence Enables Core-collapse Supernova Explosions
Late-time Flattening Of Type Ia Supernova Light Curves
Listing Of 502 Times When The Ulysses Magnetic Fields Instrument Observed Waves Due To Newborn Interstellar Pickup Protons
Magnetohydrodynamical Effects On Nuclear Deflagration Fronts In Type Ia Supernovae
Mapping Circumstellar Matter With Polarized Light
Near-infrared Spectral Evolution Of The Type Ia Supernova 2014j In The Nebular Phase
Nebular Spectroscopy Of The "blue Bump" Type Ia Supernova 2017cbv
Progenitor Age And Mass Of The Black Hole Formation Candidate N6946-bh1
Progenitor Mass Distribution For Core-collapse Supernova Remnants In M31 And M33
Sn 2012fr
Sn 2017ein And The Possible First Identification Of A Type Ic Supernova Progenitor
Spirits 15c And Spirits 14buu