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Automatic stage identification of Drosophila egg chamber based on DAPI images.
Ca2+ Effects on ATP Production and Consumption Have Regulatory Roles on Oscillatory Islet Activity.
Confidence Building Exercise In Data And Identifiability
confidence building exercise in data and identifiability
Dual Detection System for Simultaneous Measurement of Intracellular Fluorescent Markers and Cellular Secretion.
Effects Of Nonuniform Viscosity On Ciliary Locomotion
Generalized Mahalanobis Depth In Point Process And Its Application In Neural Coding
Genome-Wide Association Study Reveals Multiple Loci Influencing Normal Human Facial Morphology.
Genomewide Association Study of African Children Identifies Association of SCHIP1 and PDE8A with Facial Size and Shape.
Glucose Oscillations Can Activate an Endogenous Oscillator in Pancreatic Islets.
Human Facial Shape and Size Heritability and Genetic Correlations.
Inverse Scattering Transform For The Nonlocal Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation With Nonzero Boundary Conditions
Iterated Elliptic And Hypergeometric Integrals For Feynman Diagrams
Large Deviations And Applications For Markovian Hawkes Processes With A Large Initial Intensity
Lung nodule malignancy classification using only radiologist-quantified image features as inputs to statistical learning algorithms
Morphological Plant Modeling
morphometric analysis of vegetation patterns in dryland ecosystems.
Neuronal Intrinsic Physiology Changes During Development of a Learned Behavior.
Phase Analysis of Metabolic Oscillations and Membrane Potential in Pancreatic Islet β-Cells.
Predictive Computer Models for Biofilm Detachment Properties in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Rapid automated landmarking for morphometric analysis of three-dimensional facial scans.
Statistical Shape Analysis Of Simplified Neuronal Trees
Upregulation of an inward rectifying K+ channel can rescue slow Ca2+ oscillations in K(ATP) channel deficient pancreatic islets.
Visualizing phylogenetic tree landscapes.
Vortices In Bose-einstein Condensates With Pt-symmetric Gain And Loss