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Big Data Analytics for Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Ptychography.
Evidence for rapid weathering response to climatic warming during the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event.
Evidence from EXAFS for Different Ta/Ti Site Occupancy in High Critical Current Density NbSn Superconductor Wires.
Giant suppression of phononic heat transport in a quantum magnet BiCuPO.
High-field transport properties of a P-doped BaFeAs film on technical substrate.
Identification of biochemical and cytotoxic markers in cocaine treated PC12 cells.
Influence of grain boundary characteristics on thermal stability in nanotwinned copper.
Intrinsic and extrinsic pinning in NdFeAs(O,F)
J  (4.2 K, 31.2 T) beyond 1 kA/mm of a ~3.2 μm thick, 20 mol% Zr-added MOCVD REBCO coated conductor.
Magnetic field tuning of an excitonic insulator between the weak and strong coupling regimes in quantum limit graphite.
Missing magnetism in SrRuO
Nearly massless Dirac fermions hosted by Sb square net in BaMnSb2.
Origin of the emergence of higher T  than bulk in iron chalcogenide thin films.
Phase Modulators Based on High Mobility Ambipolar ReSe Field-Effect Transistors.
Precipitous change of the irreversible strain limit with heat-treatment temperature in NbSn wires made by the restacked-rod process.
Pressure and high-Tc superconductivity in sulfur hydrides.
Selective mass enhancement close to the quantum critical point in BaFe(As P  ).
Single crystal elasticity of natural topaz at high-temperatures.
Structure of an E. coli integral membrane sulfurtransferase and its structural transition upon SCN(-) binding defined by EPR-based hybrid method.
π Berry phase and Zeeman splitting of Weyl semimetal TaP.