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Father's Early Engagement
Getting Kids Ready to Read
Kindergarten Teachers' Developmentally Appropriate Beliefs and Practices
Literacy-Based Intervention to Increase the Pretend Play of Young Children with Visual Impairments
Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Pre-Service Teacher Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Children and Families Headed by Same-Sex Couples
Prekindergarten Teachers' Knowledge of Instructional Practices That Facilitate Geometric and Spatial Sense
Role of Parent Oral Language Input in the Development of Child Emergent Literacy Skills
School Readiness Rates of Florida's Voluntary Prekindergarten Faith-Based, Public, and Private Providers
Teacher Perceptions and Practices of Effective Teaching in Racially Diverse Kindergarten Classrooms
Turkish Preservice Early Childhood Teachers' Science Teaching Self Efficacy Beliefs
Types of Pre-Kindergarten Experiences and Children's Academic and Social-Emotional Outcomes in Kindergarten and First Grade
Use of Video Clubs to Support the Reflective Practice of Early Childhood Pre-Service Teachers in Their Mathematics Instruction
Working with Children and Families in Homeless Situations