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[Banknote, 85 -“ 84 BCE]
[Banknote, 85 December 31 BCE, of Hippalos]
[Banknote, 85 January 2 BCE]
[Banknote, 85 May 26 BCE, of Hippalos to his banker]
[Banknote, 85 September 27 BCE, of Theon son of Ph... to Protarchos]
[Banknote, 86 – 85 BCE]
[Banknote, 86 May 8 BCE, of Ptolemaios son of Hestieios to Protarchos, banker]
[Banknote, 86 October 13 BCE, of Eirenaios to Protarchos, banker]
[Banknote, 86 September 30 BCE, of Apellas... to Protarchos, banker]
[Banknote, 87 - 84 BCE, of Herakleides son of Epiodoros to Protarchos son of Herakleides]
[Banknote, 87 – 84 BCE]
[Banknote, 87 – 84 BCE]
[Banknote, 87 – 84 BCE]
[Banknote, 87 - 86 BCE, of Phanias son of Ptolemaios to Protarchos, banker]
[Banknote, 87 March 13 – April 11 BCE, of Helleokles to Protarchos, banker]
[Banknote, 87 May 25 or June 24 BCE, of Sosigenes to Protarchos, banker]
Furlough pass
Letter of a decurian
Letter of a decurion to a curator
Letter of a soldier
Letter of Alexandros
Letter of Anto[n - -
Letter of Aponius Didymianus
Letter of Claudius Archibios
Letter of Herennius
Letter of Maximus
Letter of Mevianus to Harpochras
Letter of Publius to his son
Letter of Sentis to Proclus
Letter of the decurion Tullius
Letter to a curator
Letter to a curator
Letter to a mother
Letter to Baebius Severius
Letter to Elianus the curator
Letter to Theon
List of contributers
List of guards
List of names
List of watchtower guards
Musaeum Regalis Societatis, or A catalogue & description of the natural and artificial rarities belonging to the Royal Society and preserved at Gresham Colledge
O.Florida inv. 21
Private letter
Private letter
Receipt for money