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Answers of Dr. G. Kaeckenbeeck to the questionnaire of 28 April, 1942
Answers to Dr. A. D. McNairs' Questionnaire concerning rules and procedure relating to punishment of crimes committed in the course of and incidental to the present war
Answers to Questionnaire of 28 April, 1942
Committee on the Rights to be Accorded to Persons Suspected or Accused of Crimes
International Commission for Penal Reconstruction and Development
Letters from J.W.C. Turner to European diplomats, 12th November, 1943
Notes and Questions in Reference to a Book
Questionaire on criminal justice in German occupied countries
Remarks of the questionnaire of 28 April, 1942
Replies to Questionnaire of April, 28th 1942
Replies to Questionnaire of Dr. McNair 28 April, 1942
Reply to the Questionnaire of 8th April, 1942 for the Committee Concerned with Crimes Against International Order