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Florence stories
The refuge, or, Story of Archibald Thompson
Ten boys who lived on the road from long ago to now
tale of Dickie deer mouse
The five apprentices
Wonderful history of three little kittens who lost their mittens ...
Under Foch's command
Alice's adventures under ground
The young reviewers, or, The poems dissected
At grandpa's farm
Cheerful Cherry, or, Make the best of it: with other tales
Cock Robin: a pretty painted toy for either girl or boy : suited to children of all ages
The happy family, or, Memoirs of Mr. & Mrs. Norton: intended to show the delightful effects of filial obedience
Reformed Edward, or, The house of reformation: a true story
Camp Fire girls at Pine-Tree Camp
young Crusoe
Bright and early
School days
Holiday stories for all the year
Puss in boots
Jolly little playmates
Family pets
Fern Leaf's visit
Playing with Rover
Winter sports
Happy hearts and lively times