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Education for leisure time through the school curriculum which will meet the needs of our changing society
study of the effects of selected factors upon the use of leisure time by ninth grade students in Andrews Junior High School, Andrews, Texas
Challenging Legitimacy Gaps
A functional approach to market segmentation: An operationalization and application of functional theory in marketing
The effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction in teaching sport rules, scoring procedures, and terminology
The consequences and influences of comparative negligence and exculpatory agreements on administrative decisions within collegiate athletics concerning student-athletes at medical risk
The academic preparation and performance of student-athletes participating in football and men's basketball at Florida State University from 1986-1990
Cognitive and affective variables involved in recreational computer-generated games
And they're off!: The development of the horse racing industry in Florida
An examination of factors related to consumer behavior influencing attendance at professional sporting events
Relationships between motivation factors and exercise participation of college students
An economic allocation of fishery stocks between recreational and commercial fishermen: The case of king mackerel