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Head-to-Head Musical Conflict

Title: Head-to-Head Musical Conflict: The Competitive Aspects of Hip Hop Culture in Rap, Dance, and DJ Battles.
Name(s): Storhoff, Timothy P., author
Gunderson, Frank, professor directing thesis
Koen, Benjamin, committee member
Brewer, Charles E., committee member
College of Music, degree granting department
Florida State University, degree granting institution
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Text
Issuance: monographic
Date Issued: 2009
Publisher: Florida State University
Place of Publication: Tallahassee, Florida
Physical Form: computer
online resource
Extent: 1 online resource
Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: Competition has always been central to hip hop culture's four primary elements of rapping, dancing, DJing, and graffiti writing. This thesis focuses on the competitive practices associated with hip hop's musical elements: rap, dance, and DJ battles. In a battle, two opponents face-off directly and take turns attacking one another while presenting their own skills. I break down how these battles are conducted in each different type of performance, what is valued in those battles, and what is discouraged. In order to understand these battles, I look at how they were conducted in three distinct organized competitions which include the World Series of Hip Hop rap battles, the All Targets Leveled b-boy/b-girl competition, and the Battle for World Supremacy event in the Disco Mix Club's World DJ Championships. Looking at these three events also allows me to explain the role of organized competitions in hip hop culture. Besides promoting and preserving these sometimes marginalized modes of performance, musical competitions also encourage performers to develop their skills while giving them opportunities to build their reputations and achieve financial success.
Identifier: FSU_migr_etd-1555 (IID)
Submitted Note: A Thesis Submitted to the College of Music in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Music.
Degree Awarded: Spring Semester, 2009.
Date of Defense: March 23, 2009.
Keywords: Competition, Rap, Breakdance, B-boy, B-girl, DJ, Bronx, Turntablism, Battle, Hip Hop
Bibliography Note: Includes bibliographical references.
Advisory committee: Frank Gunderson, Professor Directing Thesis; Benjamin Koen, Committee Member; Charles E. Brewer, Committee Member.
Subject(s): Music
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Owner Institution: FSU

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