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Class of 1947 Reunion Photo

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Date Issued:
circa 1997
Title: Class of 1947 Reunion Photo.
Name(s): Norwood, Mary Lou, creator
Type of Resource: still image
Date Issued: circa 1997
Publisher: Heritage Protocol, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.
Identifier: 107866 (digitool), FSDT107866 (IID), fsu:9481 (fedora)
Note(s): Row 1 (left to right): Roy M. Holt, Juanita Nord Little, Aileen Sayers Warford, Mary Cooney Crum, Frances Rutland Kinnaird, Estill Malphurs Johnson, Bettie Lashley Ferguson, Margaret Johnson Poppell, Marnita Hatchett Taylor, Mary Celia Diamond Findley, Betty Redd, Angie Marino Berg, Marie Beverly Corcoran, Betty Hentz McClellan, Pat Hourihan, "Sister" Dale Ivey, and Ruby Richbourg Hutchings.
Row 2 (left to right): Mary Perfect, Clarice Seidner, Catherine Davis Edmondson, Betty Anne Shiver Staton, Zilda Hastings Tripp, Grace DeWolf Trice, Marjorie Austin, Doris Lamb Boone, Nan Durrance Bowen, Harriett Kirk Cargo, Barbara Mann Vinson, Dorothy Peacock Ayers, and Mary Ora Pitt , Mary Lou Norwood.
Row 3 (left to right): Edna Haynie Powell, Nancy Wright Callis, Evelyn Howell Overman, Louise Illingworth Pierce, Mary Jane Inabnit Koesy, Betty Ruth Goode, Patricia Millican Mihalik, Alice Wheeler Robotham, Louise "Bookie" McMichael Galloway, Ann Parker Emerson, Jo Dawkins Krouse, Ruth Blair Crider, Alice Summitt Englert, and May Alexander Rybum.
Row 4 (left to right): Mary Weekley Hebb, Robin Hill Murphy, Billie "Bopeep" Shell Ward, Mary Rivero Estes, Shirley Rodgers Tellander, Betty McRae Hamrick, Dorothy McKiman Foster, Helen Stone Stolz, Doris O'Neill Shelar, Gene Howell Sapp, Ann Mathews Cook, Eugenia Avant Mclunkin, Sonya Heyman Morris, and Virginia Ailstock Rankin.
Row 5 (left to right): Elaine Parramore Knowles, Helen Mosley Kelly, Marian Looby Logue, Rosalind Riegle Glisson, Louise Peeples Jackson, Margery Holm McDaniel, Barbara Wickham Stephenson, Rachel Chambers Peacock, Barbara Rees, Sarah Lewis Marxsen, Mary Mims Johnson, Nell Clark Gillis, Arm Colvin Farmer, and Frances Myers Burgisser.
Row 6 (left to right): Kay Moore Morse, Ruth Ervin Davis, Gladys Reams Earnest, Joyce Carlton Payne, Betty Schwartz Peterson, Marli Richardson Lowell, Mae Manning Blackwell, B. J. Singleton Triplett, Kit Johnson Rogers, Frances Taylor Mathis, Laura Cason Morrison, and Persis Haas Newman.
Personal photographs of Florida State College for Women/Florida State University student, Mary Lou Norwood, class of 1947 (BA, English). These photographs are a part of the Mary Lou Norwood Collection, 1941-2007 (Accession No. HP-2007-076). B/W.
Subject(s): Florida State College for Women
Florida State University
Norwood, Mary Lou
Holt, Roy M.
Little, Juanita Nord
Warford, Aileen Sayers
Crum, Mary Cooney
Kinnaird, Frances Rutland
Johnson, Estill Malphurs
Ferguson, Bettie Lashley
Poppell, Margaret Johnson
Taylor, Marnita Hatchett
Findley, Mary Celia Diamond
Redd, Betty
Berg, Angie Marino
Corcoran, Marie Beverly
McClellan, Betty Hentz
Hourihan, Pat
Ivey, "Sister" Dale
Hutchings, Ruby Richbourg
Perfect, Mary
Seidner, Clarice
Edmondson, Catherine Davis
Staton, Betty Anne Shiver
Tripp, Zilda Hastings
Trice, Grace DeWolf
Austin, Marjorie
Boone, Doris Lamb
Bowen, Nan Durrance
Cargo, Harriett Kirk
Vinson, Barbara Mann
Ayers, Dorothy Peacock
Pitt, Mary Ora
Powell, Edna Haynie
Callis, Nancy Wright
Overman, Evelyn Howell
Pierce, Louise Illingworth
Koesy, Mary Jane Inabnit
Goode, Betty Ruth
Mihalik, Patricia Millican
Robotham, Alice Wheeler
Galloway, Louise "Bookie" McMichael
Emerson, Ann Parker
Krouse, Jo Dawkins
Crider, Ruth Blair
Englert, Alice Summitt
Rybum, May Alexander
Hebb, Mary Weekley
Murphy, Robin Hill
Ward, Billie "Bopeep" Shell
Estes, Mary Rivero
Tellander, Shirley Rodgers
Hamrick, Betty McRae
Foster, Dorothy McKiman
Stolz, Helen Stone
Shelar, Doris O'Neill
Sapp, Gene Howell
Cook, Ann Mathews
Mclunkin, Eugenia Avant
Morris, Sonya Heyman
Rankin, Virginia Ailstock
Knowles, Elaine Parramore
Kelly, Helen Mosley
Logue, Marian Looby
Glisson, Rosalind Riegle
Jackson, Louise Peeples
McDaniel, Margery Holm
Stephenson, Barbara Wickham
Peacock, Rachel Chambers
Rees, Barbara
Marxsen, Sarah Lewis
Johnson, Mary Mims
Gillis, Nell Clark
Farmer, Arm Colvin
Burgisser, Frances Myers
Morse, Kay Moore
Davis, Ruth Ervin
Earnest, Gladys Reams
Payne, Joyce Carlton
Peterson, Betty Schwartz
Lowell, Marli Richardson
Blackwell, Mae Manning
Triplett, B.J. Singleton
Rogers, Kit Johnson
Mathis, Frances Taylor
Morrison, Laura Cason
Newman, Persis Haas
Class Reunions
circa 1990s
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Owner Institution: FSU
Is Part Of: Mary Lou Norwood Collection, 1941-2007.
Heritage & University Archives, Florida State University Libraries, Tallahassee, Florida.
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