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Title Sequences

Title: Title Sequences: The Disappearing Appetizers of Cinema.

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Name(s): Perkins, Clio, author
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Bachelor Thesis
Date Issued: 2020-05-07
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: This essay briefly outlines the history of title sequences and identifies the major designers that have influenced their creation over the decades. It will also detail how genre and subgenre affect the final result and how directors play an important role in the creation of title sequences. Modern films sell the audiences short by shifting the attention away from opening credits and focusing more on a flashy end sequence. It is the opinion of this essay that the inclusion of title sequences enhances the overall quality of the film and should be utilized as a creative “appetizer” and primer to the film’s plot.At the end, there are links to original title sequences the author made taking her findings to make her own sequences with the knowledge acquired from the research paper as well as links to all the sequences that were referenced in the essay.
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Keywords: college of motion picture arts,film,title sequences, title design, design, title cards, credits, end credits, saul bass, pablo ferro, essay, multimedia, maurice binder, david fincher, edgar wright, cinema, film, film studies, film analysis, film school
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