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Issue of Language in Haitian Education

Title: The Issue of Language in Haitian Education: An Inquiry into the Factors Hindering Haitian Creoles' Usage in Primary Schooling.

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Name(s): Dewar, William Vince, author
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Bachelor Thesis
Date Issued: 2019-04-16
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: The Republic of Haiti’s educational system lags far behind peer regional states with some of the poorest educational outcomes in the Western Hemisphere. While officially Haiti has two languages, Haitian Creole and French, only a small minority of the population speaks French with complete fluency. Nonetheless, French serves as the language of education in schooling at all levels. An array of research indicates that this reliance on a minority-language based curriculum is a major contributor to the country’s educational woes. The scholarly consensus is that shifting schooling in Haiti towards Creole-dominant instruction could greatly contribute to overall human and economic development, especially at the primary school levels. In recent years, the Haitian Government has taken an active role in promoting the usage of Creole in education through mandating bilingual instruction in primary schooling. However, the results of this initiative are mostly unknown and Haitian Studies scholars indicate a lackluster outcome.Further, systems data on the actual language usage in primary schools is mostly nonexistent. This study aimed to examine the socio-cultural factors that have inhibited the widespread initiation ofa Creole-dominant curriculum and identify the way language is used in primary schooling. Through a mixed-methods approach involving quantitative surveying and qualitative interviews, the language attitudes of parents and teachers were explored. The results of this study indicated that while Creole is somewhat common in the classroom, French continues to persist as the principle language of instruction in primary schools. A number of factors contribute to French’s dominance, including societal expectations, anti-Creole bias, and a lack of Creole materials. Nonetheless, results also show a majority acceptance of Creole instruction among parents and teachers and indicate a reasonable potential for the greater integration of Creole teaching in primary schools. This study also confirmed the inherent problems with French-based instruction, including lack of student comprehension and teacher skill.
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Keywords: Haiti, Haitian Creole, French, Education, Language, Primary school
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