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Assessing the Impact of the Nordic Model of Combating Prostitution

Title: Assessing the Impact of the Nordic Model of Combating Prostitution.
Name(s): McConnell, Olivia, author
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Bachelor Thesis
Date Issued: 2019-04-26
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Abstract/Description: The purpose of this paper is to better understand the Nordic Model of combating prostitution, why it is controversial, and its impacts on human trafficking and society overall. In order to properly address these topics, I conducted an extensive literature review and traveled to Sweden and France, where the Nordic Model was implemented in 1999 and 2016 respectively. While in Sweden and France, I conducted interviews with individuals familiar with the model, its legal codes, and its implementation. These individuals included lawyers, public prosecutors, police officers, nongovernmental organizations, and government officials. In synthesizing the information gleaned from these interviews as well as the literature review, I attempt to identify the impact of the model as well as the greater debate surrounding the ethics of the model. Additionally, I address the beneficial aspects of the model as well as its weaknesses, using this information to inform my critique of the model and my policy proposals.This paper is divided into five sections. Section one discusses the international legal background of human trafficking policy; section two discusses the Nordic Model itself and its legal codification in the various countries that implement it; section three discusses the abolitionist philosophy that underlies the Nordic Model, delving into the arguments of both abolitionists and pro-sex worker groups; section four offers a critique of the model; and section five provides various recommendations to improve the model and better address human trafficking.In employing qualitative research methods, such as reviewing theoretical discussions , legislative history, media, and conducting interviews, I find that while the Nordic Model is certainly an innovative means of addressing human trafficking, it is far from a panacea. Ultimately, additional measures must be taken to promote a holistic approach to combatting international trafficking in persons.
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