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Health Needs Assessment for a Methodist Congregation

Title: Health Needs Assessment for a Methodist Congregation : A Health Ministry Pilot Study.
Name(s): Keatley, Craig Thomas, author
Schluck, Glenna, author
Porterfield, Susan, author
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Research Report
Date Issued: 2019-04-17
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: Purpose: The purpose of this project is to promote physical well-being and disease prevention by exploring the health needs of a mid-sized Methodist congregation in southeast Florida and implementing an educational health fair workshop within a church setting. Methods: A quality improvement needs assessment was distributed amongst all members of a mid-sized Methodist congregation in order to determine the health topic with the most interest. Following the needs assessment, a health fair presentation was given to distribute information about the health topic of interest. Evaluation surveys were distributed immediately following the presentation. Results: Thirty-three needs assessment surveys were completed and returned. The health topic with the largest demand was hypertension (30%) followed by depression (24%). Additionally, 39% of participants selected multiple options. Results from the evaluation survey indicated that 93% of the participants would be extremely likely to participate in health ministry activities in the future. Discussion: This study demonstrates that despite an initially tepid reaction from the congregation regarding the health ministry program, a health-fair styled workshop is something in which they may be willing to participate. Health condition resources could be made available to the congregation for education and proper implementation of a successful health ministry program. Conclusions: The population will continue to age and resources need to be available to meet the needs of this dynamic population. Non-traditional healthcare settings, such as health ministry programs, can be utilized to help close gaps in providing quality health care. Future expansion of the health ministry program is something that should be considered for enhancing the health of the Methodist congregation. Major Professors: Glenna Schluck, PhD & Susan Porterfield, PhD, FNP-c
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