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Closing the Gap

Title: Closing the Gap: An Educational Intervention to Prevent the Sexual Transmission of the Zika Virus by Young Males.
Name(s): Bolduc, Alicia, author
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Research Report
Date Issued: 2019-04-05
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: Purpose: The purpose of this project was to develop, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of a preventative educational intervention on the sexual transmission of Zika virus. Methods: A social media platform was used to market and deliver an educational module to young men ages 18 to 35 years old. Anyone on social media could access the educational intervention but purposive sampling focused on young males between 18 and 35 years of age living in the South-Eastern United States. Knowledge of Zika virus transmission was measured before and after the educational intervention to evaluate learning. Descriptive statistics were computed to summarize demographic data and knowledge of Zika virus; paired t-tests were used to compare pre- and post-test responses. Results: Facebook/Instagram and Google AdWords media campaigns resulted in multiple potential participants navigating to the website and scanning information on sexual transmission of Zika. However, only 28 men meeting criteria completed the educational module and pre-/post-tests. The majority were Caucasian (89.3%) and married or in a domestic partnership (57.1%). Participants’ knowledge of the sexual transmission of Zika virus increased significantly following the educational intervention. Discussion: This project was proactive in offering an educational tool aimed at preventing another outbreak of Zika virus as opposed to reactionary based on increased rates of the sexual transmission of Zika virus. The media ad campaigns generated substantial interest by the target group but fell short in prompting participation in the educational intervention. Advertising costs were also increased when a specific audience was targeted directly. Conclusion: Zika virus remains an international threat that can be transmitted easily back into the United States. Preventative educational measures and innovative modes of delivery are needed to arrest the sexual transmission of Zika virus among young males. Major Professor: Dr. Eileen Cormier
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