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Coupling between myosin head conformation and the thick filament backbone structure.

Title: Coupling between myosin head conformation and the thick filament backbone structure.
Name(s): Hu, Zhongjun, author
Taylor, Dianne W, author
Edwards, Robert J, author
Taylor, Kenneth A, author
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Genre: Journal Article
Date Issued: 2017-12-01
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: The recent high-resolution structure of the thick filament from Lethocerus asynchronous flight muscle shows aspects of thick filament structure never before revealed that may shed some light on how striated muscles function. The phenomenon of stretch activation underlies the function of asynchronous flight muscle. It is most highly developed in flight muscle, but is also observed in other striated muscles such as cardiac muscle. Although stretch activation is likely to be complex, involving more than a single structural aspect of striated muscle, the thick filament itself, would be a prime site for regulatory function because it must bear all of the tension produced by both its associated myosin motors and any externally applied force. Here we show the first structural evidence that the arrangement of myosin heads within the interacting heads motif is coupled to the structure of the thick filament backbone. We find that a change in helical angle of 0.16° disorders the blocked head preferentially within the Lethocerus interacting heads motif. This observation suggests a mechanism for how tension affects the dynamics of the myosin heads leading to a detailed hypothesis for stretch activation and shortening deactivation, in which the blocked head preferentially binds the thin filament followed by the free head when force production occurs.
Identifier: FSU_pmch_28964844 (IID), 10.1016/j.jsb.2017.09.009 (DOI), PMC5733691 (PMCID), 28964844 (RID), 28964844 (EID), S1047-8477(17)30160-0 (PII)
Keywords: Cryoelectron microscopy, Image reconstruction, Muscle physiology, Striated muscle
Grant Number: R01 AR014317, R01 GM030598, S10 OD018142, S10 RR025080
Publication Note: This NIH-funded author manuscript originally appeared in PubMed Central at
Subject(s): Animals
Cryoelectron Microscopy/methods
Image Processing, Computer-Assisted/methods
Protein Conformation
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Host Institution: FSU
Is Part Of: Journal of structural biology.
Issue: iss. 3, vol. 200

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Hu, Z., Taylor, D. W., Edwards, R. J., & Taylor, K. A. (2017). Coupling between myosin head conformation and the thick filament backbone structure. Journal Of Structural Biology. Retrieved from