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Isotensor Dibaryon In The Pp -> Pp Pi(+)pi(-) Reaction?

Title: Isotensor Dibaryon In The Pp -> Pp Pi(+)pi(-) Reaction?.
Name(s): Adlarson, P., author
Augustyniak, W., author
Bardan, W., author
Bashkanov, M., author
Bergmann, F. S., author
Berlowski, M., author
Bondar, A., author
Buescher, M., author
Calen, H., author
Ciepal, I., author
Clement, H., author
Czerwinski, E., author
Demmich, K., author
Engels, R., author
Erven, A., author
Erven, W., author
Eyrich, W., author
Fedorets, P., author
Foehl, K., author
Fransson, K., author
Goldenbaum, F., author
Goswami, A., author
Grigoryev, K., author
Heijkenskjold, L., author
Hejny, V., author
Huesken, N., author
Jarczyk, L., author
Johansson, T., author
Kamys, B., author
Kemmerling, G., author
Khoukaz, A., author
Khreptak, O., author
Kirillov, D. A., author
Kistryn, S., author
Kleines, H., author
Klos, B., author
Krzemien, W., author
Kulessa, P., author
Kupsc, A., author
Lalwani, K., author
Lersch, D., author
Lorentz, B., author
Magiera, A., author
Maier, R., author
Marciniewski, P., author
Marianski, B., author
Morsch, H. P., author
Moskal, P., author
Ohm, H., author
Parol, W., author
del Rio, E. Perez, author
Piskunov, N. M., author
Prasuhn, D., author
Pszczel, D., author
Pysz, K., author
Ritman, J., author
Roy, A., author
Rudy, Z., author
Rundel, O., author
Sawant, S., author
Schadmand, S., author
Schatti-Ozerianska, I., author
Sefzick, T., author
Serdyuk, V., author
Shwartz, B., author
Skorodko, T., author
Skurzok, M., author
Smyrski, J., author
Sopov, V., author
Stassen, R., author
Stepaniak, J., author
Stephan, E., author
Sterzenbach, G., author
Stockhorst, H., author
Stroeher, H., author
Szczurek, A., author
Trzcinski, A., author
Wolke, M., author
Wronska, A., author
Wuestner, P., author
Yamamoto, A., author
Zabierowski, J., author
Zielinski, M. J., author
Zlomanczuk, J., author
Zupranski, P., author
Zurek, M., author
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Journal Article
Journal Article
Date Issued: 2018-08-01
Physical Form: computer
online resource
Extent: 1 online resource
Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: Exclusive measurements of the quasifree pp -> pp pi(+)pi(-) reaction have been carried out at WASA@ COSY by means of pd collisions at T-p = 1.2 GeV. Total and differential cross sections have been extracted covering the energy region T-p = 1.08-1.36 GeV, which is the region of N* (1440) and Delta(123)Delta(1232) resonance excitations. Calculations describing these excitations by t-channel meson exchange are at variance with the measured differential cross sections and underpredict substantially the experimental total cross section. An isotensor Delta N dibaryon resonance with I(J(P)) = 2(1(+)) produced associatedly with a pion is able to overcome these deficiencies.
Identifier: FSU_libsubv1_wos_000440415600003 (IID), 10.1103/PhysRevLett.121.052001 (DOI)
Keywords: resonance, scattering, cross-sections, proton-proton collisions, 2-pion production, isospin decomposition, nucleon-nucleon collisions, pi(0)pi(0) production, pion production, single-pion
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Host Institution: FSU
Is Part Of: Physical Review Letters.
Issue: iss. 5, vol. 121

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Adlarson, P., Augustyniak, W., Bardan, W., Bashkanov, M., Bergmann, F. S., Berlowski, M., … Zurek, M. (2018). Isotensor Dibaryon In The Pp -> Pp Pi(+)pi(-) Reaction? Physical Review Letters. Retrieved from