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Neutron Skins And Neutron Stars In The Multimessenger Era

Title: Neutron Skins And Neutron Stars In The Multimessenger Era.
Name(s): Fattoyev, F. J., author
Piekarewicz, J., author
Horowitz, C. J., author
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Genre: Journal Article
Journal Article
Date Issued: 2018-04-25
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: The historical first detection of a binary neutron star merger by the LIGO-Virgo Collaboration [B. P. Abbott et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 161101 (2017)] is providing fundamental new insights into the astrophysical site for the r process and on the nature of dense matter. A set of realistic models of the equation of state (EOS) that yield an accurate description of the properties of finite nuclei, support neutron stars of two solar masses, and provide a Lorentz covariant extrapolation to dense matter are used to confront its predictions against tidal polarizabilities extracted from the gravitational-wave data. Given the sensitivity of the gravitational-wave signal to the underlying EOS, limits on the tidal polarizability inferred from the observation translate into constraints on the neutron-star radius. Based on these constraints, models that predict a stiff symmetry energy, and thus large stellar radii, can be ruled out. Indeed, we deduce an upper limit on the radius of a 1.4M circle dot neutron star of R1.4. < 13.76 km. Given the sensitivity of the neutron-skin thickness of Pb-208 to the symmetry energy, albeit at a lower density, we infer a corresponding upper limit of about R-skin(208) less than or similar to 0.25 fm. However, if the upcoming PREX-II experiment measures a significantly thicker skin, this may be evidence of a softening of the symmetry energy at high densities-likely indicative of a phase transition in the interior of neutron stars.
Identifier: FSU_libsubv1_wos_000430822000003 (IID), 10.1103/PhysRevLett.120.172702 (DOI)
Keywords: radius, matter, density, mass, constraints, mean-field theory, equation-of-state, nuclear-equation
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Owner Institution: FSU
Is Part Of: Physical Review Letters.
Issue: iss. 17, vol. 120

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Fattoyev, F. J., Piekarewicz, J., & Horowitz, C. J. (2018). Neutron Skins And Neutron Stars In The Multimessenger Era. Physical Review Letters. Retrieved from