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Chiral Landau Levels In Weyl Semimetal Nbas With Multiple Topological Carriers

Title: Chiral Landau Levels In Weyl Semimetal Nbas With Multiple Topological Carriers.
Name(s): Yuan, Xiang, author
Yan, Zhongbo, author
Song, Chaoyu, author
Zhang, Mengyao, author
Li, Zhilin, author
Zhang, Cheng, author
Liu, Yanwen, author
Wang, Weiyi, author
Zhao, Minhao, author
Lin, Zehao, author
Xie, Tian, author
Ludwig, Jonathan, author
Jiang, Yuxuan, author
Zhang, Xiaoxing, author
Shang, Cui, author
Ye, Zefang, author
Wang, Jiaxiang, author
Chen, Feng, author
Xia, Zhengcai, author
Smirnov, Dmitry, author
Chen, Xiaolong, author
Wang, Zhong, author
Yan, Hugen, author
Xiu, Faxian, author
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Genre: Journal Article
Journal Article
Date Issued: 2018-05-10
Physical Form: computer
online resource
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: Recently, Weyl semimetals have been experimentally discovered in both inversion-symmetry-breaking and time-reversal-symmetry-breaking crystals. The non-trivial topology in Weyl semimetals can manifest itself with exotic phenomena, which have been extensively investigated by photoemission and transport measurements. Despite the numerous experimental efforts on Fermi arcs and chiral anomaly, the existence of unconventional zeroth Landau levels, as a unique hallmark of Weyl fermions, which is highly related to chiral anomaly, remains elusive owing to the stringent experimental requirements. Here, we report the magneto-optical study of Landau quantization in Weyl semimetal NbAs. High magnetic fields drive the system toward the quantum limit, which leads to the observation of zeroth chiral Landau levels in two inequivalent Weyl nodes. As compared to other Landau levels, the zeroth chiral Landau level exhibits a distinct linear dispersion in magnetic field direction and allows the optical transitions without the limitation of zero z momentum or root B magnetic field evolution. The magnetic field dependence of the zeroth Landau levels further verifies the predicted particle-hole asymmetry of the Weyl cones. Meanwhile, the optical transitions from the normal Landau levels exhibit the coexistence of multiple carriers including an unexpected massive Dirac fermion, pointing to a more complex topological nature in inversion-symmetry-breaking Weyl semimetals. Our results provide insights into the Landau quantization of Weyl fermions and demonstrate an effective tool for studying complex topological systems.
Identifier: FSU_libsubv1_wos_000431772000002 (IID), 10.1038/s41467-018-04080-4 (DOI)
Keywords: antiferromagnet, discovery, taas, crystal, fermi arcs, niobium, nodes, tantalum
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Host Institution: FSU
Is Part Of: Nature Communications.
Issue: vol. 9

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Yuan, X., Yan, Z., Song, C., Zhang, M., Li, Z., Zhang, C., … Xiu, F. (2018). Chiral Landau Levels In Weyl Semimetal Nbas With Multiple Topological Carriers. Nature Communications. Retrieved from