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Exclusive Photoproduction Of Pi Degrees Up To Large Values Of Mandelstam Variables S, T, And U With Clas

Title: Exclusive Photoproduction Of Pi Degrees Up To Large Values Of Mandelstam Variables S, T, And U With Clas.
Name(s): Kunkel, M. C., author
Amaryan, M. J., author
Strakovsky, I. I., author
Ritman, J., author
Goldstein, G. R., author
Adhikari, K. P., author
Adhikari, S., author
Avakian, H., author
Ball, J., author
Balossino, I., author
Barion, L., author
Battaglieri, M., author
Batourine, V., author
Bedlinskiy, I., author
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Boiarinov, S., author
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Brooks, W. K., author
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Charles, G., author
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Ciullo, G., author
Clark, L., author
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Cortes, O., author
Crede, V., author
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Dashyan, N., author
De Vita, R., author
De Sanctis, E., author
Degtyarenko, P., author
Defurne, M., author
Deur, A., author
Djalali, C., author
Dugger, M., author
Dupre, R., author
Egiyan, H., author
El Alaoui, A., author
El Fassi, L., author
Elouadrhiri, L., author
Eugenio, P., author
Fedotov, G., author
Fersch, R., author
Filippi, A., author
Fradi, A., author
Gavalian, G., author
Ghandilyan, Y., author
Ghosh, S., author
Gilfoyle, G. P., author
Giovanetti, K. L., author
Girod, F. X., author
Glazier, D., author
Gohn, W., author
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Griffioen, K. A., author
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Hakobyan, H., author
Harrison, N., author
Hattawy, M., author
Hicks, K., author
Holtrop, M., author
Hyde, C. E., author
Ireland, D. G., author
Ishkhanov, B. S., author
Isupov, E. L., author
Jenkins, D., author
Joo, K., author
Kabir, M. L., author
Keller, D., author
Khachatryan, G., author
Khachatryan, M., author
Khandaker, M., author
Kim, A., author
Kim, W., author
Klein, A., author
Klein, F., author
Kubarovsky, V., author
Kuhn, S. E., author
Laget, J. M., author
Lanza, L., author
Lenisai, P., author
Lersch, D., author
Livingston, K., author
Macgregor, I. J. D., author
Markov, N., author
Njencheu, G. Mbianda, author
Mckinnon, B., author
Mineeva, T., author
Mokeev, V., author
Montgomery, R. A., author
Movsisyani, A., author
Camacho, C. Munoz, author
Nadel-Turonski, P., author
Niccolai, S., author
Niculescu, G., author
Osipenko, M., author
Ostrovidovi, A., author
Paolone, M., author
Park, K., author
Pasyuk, E., author
Payette, D., author
Phelps, W., author
Pogorelko, O., author
Poudel, J., author
Price, J. W., author
Procureur, S., author
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Ripani, M., author
Ritchie, B. G., author
Rizzo, A., author
Rosner, G., author
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Sabatie, F., author
Salgado, C., author
Schadmand, S., author
Schumacher, R. A., author
Sharabian, Y. G., author
Skorodumina, Iu, author
Stepanyan, S., author
Sokhan, D., author
Sober, D., author
Sparveris, N., author
Strauch, S., author
Taiuti, M., author
Tan, J. A., author
Ungaro, M., author
Voskanyan, H., author
Voutier, E., author
Watts, D. P., author
Weinstein, L., author
Wei, X., author
Weygand, D. P., author
Zachariou, N., author
Zhang, J., author
Zhao, Z. W., author
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Journal Article
Journal Article
Date Issued: 2018-07-25
Physical Form: computer
online resource
Extent: 1 online resource
Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: Exclusive photoproduction cross sections have been measured for the process gamma p -> p pi degrees[e(+) e(-)(gamma)] with the Dalitz decay final state using tagged photon energies in the range of E-gamma = 1.275-5.425 GeV. The complete angular distribution of the final state pi degrees, for the entire photon energy range up to large values of t and u, has been measured for the first time. The data obtained show that the cross section d sigma / dt, at mid to large angles, decreases with energy as s(-6.89 +/- 0.26). This is in agreement with the perturbative QCD quark counting rule prediction of s(-7). Paradoxically, the size of angular distribution of measured cross sections is greatly underestimated by the QCD-based generalized parton distribution mechanism at highest available invariant energy s = 11 GeV2. At the same time, the Regge-exchange-based models for pi degrees photoproduction are more consistent with experimental data.
Identifier: FSU_libsubv1_wos_000439733000007 (IID), 10.1103/PhysRevC.98.015207 (DOI)
Keywords: mesons, virtual compton-scattering, momentum, electroproduction
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Host Institution: FSU
Is Part Of: Physical Review C.
Issue: iss. 1, vol. 98

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Kunkel, M. C., Amaryan, M. J., Strakovsky, I. I., Ritman, J., Goldstein, G. R., Adhikari, K. P., … Zhao, Z. W. (2018). Exclusive Photoproduction Of Pi Degrees Up To Large Values Of Mandelstam Variables S, T, And U With Clas. Physical Review C. Retrieved from