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Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) expansion methods and materials

Title: Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) expansion methods and materials.
Name(s): Kim, Jun-Hyung Yup, inventor
Ma, Teng, inventor
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Genre: Utility
Date Created: 2011-12-12
Date Issued: 2015-12-29
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Abstract/Description: The subject invention concerns materials and methods for growing and expanding MSC while maintaining their undifferentiated phenotype, self-renewal ability, and/or multi-lineage potential. In one embodiment, a method of the invention comprises i) seeding freshly isolated MSC on a planar surface or a 3-D scaffold and growing the cells under physiological or low O2 tension for a period of time sufficient to support formation of 3-D ECM network; ii) decellularizing the planar surface or 3-D scaffold; and iii) reseeding the decellularized planar surface or 3-D scaffold with MSCs, whereby the reseeded MSCs can be grown on the scaffold and maintain an undifferentiated phenotype. In one embodiment, the 3-D scaffold comprises or is composed of PET. In one embodiment, the MSC are human MSC (hMSC).
Identifier: FSU_uspto_9220810 (IID), 9220810 (patent number), 796781 (inventor key), 13/323475 (app id), 6c9256d97d167832cbab694dc904bd27 (assignee id)
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