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Thin films for controlled protein interaction

Title: Thin films for controlled protein interaction.
Name(s): Schlenoff, Joseph B., inventor
Rmaile, Hassan, inventor
Salloum, David S., inventor
Sui, Zhijie, inventor
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Utility
Date Created: 2005-02-23
Date Issued: 2013-07-09
Physical Form: computer
online resource
Extent: 1 online resource
Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: A medium for isolating or releasing an electrostatically charged component from or into an aqueous composition. The medium has a polyelectrolyte film on at least one surface of an article wherein the polyelectrolyte film is characterized by an interpenetrating network of a predominantly positively charged polymer and a predominantly negatively charged polymer. The predominantly positively charged polymer, the predominantly negatively charged polymer or both contain (i) a pH sensitive imidazole repeat unit having a pKa between 3 and 9, or (ii) a redox sensitive repeat unit selected from the group consisting of quaternized bipyridine repeat units, coordinated metal repeat units, pyrrole repeat units, aniline repeat units, thiophene repeat units and combinations thereof having a redox potential between +1.2 volts and −1.2 volts versus a standard hydrogen electrode.
Identifier: FSU_uspto_8481017 (IID), 8481017 (patent number), 915739 (inventor key), 11/063952 (app id), 6c9256d97d167832cbab694dc904bd27 (assignee id)
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