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Effects of Effort and Ability Feedback on Emotions Toward Math

Title: Effects of Effort and Ability Feedback on Emotions Toward Math.
Name(s): Shorter, Courtney N, author
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Bachelor Thesis
Date Issued: 2018-04-27
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: Emotions toward academic subjects can positively or negatively affect achievement, but little work focuses on state emotions, which occur during math tasks. This preregistered study addresses the lack of research on state emotions by measuring students’ self-reported emotions while taking varied math quizzes and receiving three possible types of feedback. The 147 college students took math quizzes that involved either success or failure, and were asked about their current feelings of pride, enjoyment, anxiety, boredom, and anger. Students were also randomly assigned to effort, ability, or no feedback conditions. Using repeated measures analyses of variance, we found that students had more positive and less negative emotions after experiencing success compared to experiencing failure. The only effect of type of feedback was on anger, which showed that there was a significant increase in anger reports for the effort feedback condition between the time before conditions started and after. Additionally, type of feedback had no significant effect on math performance. The correlations between growth and fixed mindsets and emotions in response to success and failure showed only a small positive correlation between growth mindset and enjoyment. There were no significant correlations between growth or fixed mindset and math performance. Therefore, our results suggest that emotions change in responses to success and failure, that feedback had a minimal effect on emotions towards and performance in math, and that mindset is minimally correlated to emotions or performance.
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Keywords: Math, Emotions, Feedback, Mindset
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