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Nurses' Knowledge and Attitude Toward Chronic Pain Management in the Emergency

Title: Nurses' Knowledge and Attitude Toward Chronic Pain Management in the Emergency.
Name(s): Kostic, Michelle Noel, author
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Research Report
Date Issued: 2018-04-27
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: Purpose: The purpose of this project was to assess registered nurse’ knowledge and attitudes toward chronic pain in the ED. Methods: This project employed a non-experimental, descriptive design with use of an online electronic survey. The convenience sample included volunteer participants who completed two survey tools (The Chronic Pain Myth Scale and the KnowPain-12) and demographic information. Data analyses were performed with version 2.0 IBM SPSS software, using descriptive statistics, and ANOVA. Results: The most common negative belief was that people suffering from chronic pain become dependent on their medications, like drug addicts (64%, n=323). There was also evidence that respondents believed that the severity of pain was exaggerated. In addition, findings revealed that respondents had an understanding of the biopsychosocial impacts of CP, yet demonstrated a limited opioid knowledge. Discussion: The knowledge gaps identified suggest that ER nurses need targeted pain management education, to enhance nurse’s knowledge, skills and attitude towards chronic pain. Reducing pain management disparities, by providing effective, safe and timely pain relief, requires sufficient knowledge, and ability to perform a thorough, unbiased pain assessment. Educational interventions should also be focused on CP’s pathophysiology, accurate assessment, non-opioid analgesia, and opioid treatment which includes information on state guidelines and regulations. Additionally, with considerable attention on the opioid crisis, ER nurses have a formidable task to ensure that chronic pain is not synonymous with drug addiction.
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