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Sleeping Safe

Title: Sleeping Safe: A Review of Safe Infant Sleep in Florida.
Name(s): Daniels, Tessa Maria, author
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Date Issued: 2018-04-24
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Abstract/Description: Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine the impact sleep related infant deaths have in the state of Florida by determining sleep related infant mortality rates for each county. Methods: Maternal and infant health data obtained from FLHEALTHCHARTS between 2010 and 2015 was analyzed for trends in infant sleep mortality related to maternal characteristics including race, maternal country of origin, and timing of prenatal care status were evaluated. Results: There are six counties where the SIDS rate exceeds the state average indicating that an educational intervention to increase compliance with the AAP safe sleep recommendations would be most beneficial. Analysis of the Kotelchuck index (KI) shows there is statistically significant evidence to demonstrate initiation of adequate prenatal care results in a decrease in infant mortality related to unsafe infant sleeping. Discussion: Healthy People 2020 identified infant mortality as a key factor in overall poor maternal and infant health. National and statewide statistics continue to indicate that SUID is a significant killer of infants and SIDS is the third leading cause of infant death nationally. Review of literature indicates that providing better prenatal and postnatal safe sleep education for infant caregivers is a key component in improving overall infant mortality. Conclusions: The knowledge that improved education can have an impact on infant mortality is a key finding in the continued quest to improve overall U.S. maternal and child health. Specifically, targeted educational interventions in the acute care setting can be effective at improving compliance with the AAPs recommendations and decrease overall infant mortality. Further research is needed to develop a tool to utilize in the acute care setting to streamline education received by infant caregivers.
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