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Responsive Engagement in Mental Health Services for Foster Youth Transitioning to Adulthood

Title: Responsive Engagement in Mental Health Services for Foster Youth Transitioning to Adulthood.
Name(s): Piel, Megan Hayes, author
Lacasse, Jeffrey R., author
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Journal Article
Date Issued: 2017-07-27
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: As youth near the transition to adulthood and aging out of the foster care system, exposure to stress increases, especially for youth who have less than adequate support systems. Although mental health problems among foster youth often continue into adulthood, service use decreases dramatically within a year of turning 18. Understanding how foster youth experience mental health services as they transition from care provides social workers and other mental health professionals important insight and specific, targetable strategies. This study sought to explore what situations were helpful in supporting mental health as foster youth transitioned to adulthood. Focus groups and interviews with former foster youth and professionals informed the development of a quantitative instrument, which was used to identify the most intense and frequently encountered situations former foster youth experienced. Findings indicate the most helpful situations were those in which professionals and mentors were responsive and flexible to their individual needs and trusted their ability to make decisions. Supportive adults who honored their choices and collaborated in decision-making were also helpful. Engaging, empowering, and partnering with transition-age youth from a strengths-based perspective may increase the likelihood of positive mental health outcomes for this population.
Identifier: FSU_libsubv1_scholarship_submission_1491662788 (IID), 10.1080/10522158.2017.1348115 (DOI)
Keywords: Foster care, Strengths-based practice, Mental health services, Engagement, Transitional youth
Publication Note: This is the author's peer-reviewed manuscript as accepted for publication in the Journal of Family Social Work.
Preferred Citation: Piel, M.H., & Lacasse, J.R. (2017). Responsive engagement in mental health services for foster youth transitioning to adulthood. Journal of Family Social Work. doi:10.1080/10522158.2017.1348115.
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Is Part Of: Journal of Family Social Work.
Issue: iss. 4, vol. 20

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