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Title: Review: Plant G-quadruplex (G4) motifs in DNA and RNA; abundant, intriguing sequences of unknown function.
Name(s): Bass, Hank W, author
Griffin, Brianna D, author
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Journal Article
Date Issued: 2018-02-08
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: DNA sequences capable of forming G-quadruplex (G4) structures can be predicted and mapped in plant genomes using computerized pattern search programs. Non-telomeric G4 motifs have recently been found to number in the thousands across many plant species and enriched around gene promoters, prompting speculation that they may represent a newly uncovered and ubiquitous family of cis-acting elements. Comparative analysis shows that monocots exhibit five to ten times higher G4 motif density than eudicots, but the significance of this difference has not been determined. The vast scale and complexity of G4 functions, actual or theoretical, are reviewed in relation to the multiple modes of action and myriad genetic functions for which G4s have been implicated in DNA and RNA. Future experimental strategies and opportunities include identifying plant G4-interactomes, resolving the structures of G4s with and without their binding partners, and defining molecular mechanisms through reporter gene, genetic, or genome editing approaches. Given the global importance of plants for food, clothing, medicine, and energy, together with the potential role of G4 motifs as a widely conserved set of DNA sequences that could coordinate gene regulation, future plant G4 research holds great potential for use in plant improvement strategies.
Identifier: FSU_libsubv1_scholarship_submission_1518188170_bdd4f8ba (IID), 10.1016/j.plantsci.2018.01.011 (DOI)
Keywords: G-quadruplex, G4, Gene regulation, cis-regulatory element
Publication Note: 2018 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V. This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC-ND license (
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Owner Institution: FSU
Is Part Of: Plant Science.
Issue: vol. 269

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Bass, H. W., & Griffin, B. D. (2018). Review: Plant G-quadruplex (G4) motifs in DNA and RNA; abundant, intriguing sequences of unknown function. Plant Science. Retrieved from