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The Economic Impact of Asylum Migration in Sweden

Title: The Economic Impact of Asylum Migration in Sweden.
Name(s): Westergom, Brian Austin, author
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Bachelor Thesis
Date Issued: 2017-12-05
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Language(s): English
Summary: This paper is focused on analyzing the economic impact that migration imposes on Sweden’s economy. Previous research calculates various economic impacts of immigration on a country through multiple approaches, therefore a combination of fiscal factors from previous studies will serve as the basic method of research. After reviewing previous work, an analysis of current Swedish migration that includes a breakdown of the scale and demography of the incoming immigrants will serve to indicate relevant factors that could have an effect on total public costs. The ‘demographic factors’ identified in this population are then attributed to specific government programs that will incur the actual public cost to the Swedish economy. Finally, these factors are analyzed to determine the impact of migration to Sweden’s economy in the form of government budgeting, labor status, the effect on GDP, and other macro indicators of Sweden’s overall economic stability.
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Keywords: migration, Sweden, economic impact
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