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Dr. Kim’s research interests lie in three streams within the contexts of sport at various levels (e.g., youth sport, intercollegiate athletics, recreational sport, professional sport, and mega sport events):

1) Dynamics of organizational structures (interorganizational network, intraorganizational network)
2) Strategic network management in sport events (i.e., sponsorship network, policy network, employment network, stakeholder network, etc.)
3) Knowledge development in the field of sport management (i.e., co-citation network analysis, co-authorship network analysis, etc.)

These three streams of research are further investigated through the quantitative methods including, but not limited to, social network analysis, bibliometric analysis, agent-based modeling, and applied statistics. Her research inquiry aims to explore the phenomena at macro-level by examining the relational and structural patterns of diverse types of networks in sport settings.

Dr. Kim earned her doctoral degree and master’s degree from The Ohio State University and her bachelor’s degree from Yonsei University.

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