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Electroexcitation of the Delta(+)(1232) at low momentum transfer

Title: Electroexcitation Of The Delta(+)(1232) At Low Momentum Transfer.
Name(s): Blomberg, A., author
Anez, D., author
Sparveris, N., author
Sarty, A. J., author
Paolone, M., author
Gilad, S., author
Higinbotham, D., author
Ahmed, Z., author
Albataineh, H., author
Allada, K., author
Anderson, B., author
Aniol, K., author
Annand, J., author
Arrington, J., author
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Baghdasaryan, H., author
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Boeglin, W., author
Camacho, C. M., author
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Chen, C., author
Chen, J. P., author
Chirapatpimol, K., author
Cisbani, E., author
Dalton, M., author
Deconinck, W., author
Defurne, M., author
De Leo, R., author
Flay, D., author
Fomin, N., author
Friend, M., author
Frullani, S., author
Fuchey, E., author
Garibaldi, F., author
Gilman, R., author
Gu, C., author
Hamilton, D., author
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Hansen, O., author
Shabestari, M. Hashemi, author
Hen, O., author
Holmstrom, T., author
Huang, M., author
Iqbal, S., author
Kalantarians, N., author
Kang, H., author
Kelleher, A., author
Khandaker, M., author
Korover, I., author
Leckey, J., author
LeRose, J., author
Lindgren, R., author
Long, E., author
Mammei, J., author
Margaziotis, D. J., author
Jimenez-Arguello, A. Marti, author
Meekins, D., author
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Muangma, N., author
Norum, B., author
Nuruzzaman, N., author
Pan, K., author
Phillips, S., author
Piasetzky, E., author
Polychronopoulou, A., author
Pomerantz, I., author
Posik, M., author
Punjabi, V., author
Qian, X., author
Rakhman, A., author
Reimer, P. E., author
Riordan, S., author
Ron, G., author
Saha, A., author
Schulte, E., author
Selvy, L., author
Shneor, R., author
Sirca, S., author
Sjoegren, J., author
Subedi, R., author
Sulkosky, V., author
Tireman, W., author
Wang, D., author
Watson, J., author
Wojtsekhowski, B., author
Yan, W., author
Yaron, I., author
Ye, Z., author
Zhan, X., author
Zhang, J., author
Zhang, Y., author
Zhao, B., author
Zhao, Z., author
Zheng, X., author
Zhu, P., author
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Text
Date Issued: 2016-09-10
Physical Form: computer
online resource
Extent: 1 online resource
Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: We report on new p(e, e' p)pi degrees. measurements at the Delta(+)(1232) resonance at the low momentum transfer region, where the mesonic cloud dynamics is predicted to be dominant and rapidly changing, offering a test bed for chiral effective field theory calculations. The new data explore the Q(2) dependence of the resonant quadrupole amplitudes and for the first time indicate that the Electric and the Coulomb quadrupole amplitudes converge as Q(2) -> 0. The measurements of the Coulomb quadrupole amplitude have been extended to the lowest momentum transfer ever reached, and suggest that more than half of its magnitude is attributed to the mesonic cloud in this region. The new data disagree with predictions of constituent quark models and are in reasonable agreement with dynamical calculations that include pion cloud effects, chiral effective field theory and lattice calculations. The measurements indicate that improvement is required to the theoretical calculations and provide valuable input that will allow their refinements. (C) 2016 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V. This is an open access article under the CC BY license.
Identifier: FSU_libsubv1_wos_000382890500042 (IID), 10.1016/j.physletb.2016.06.076 (DOI)
Keywords: CMR, delta(1232) resonance, electroproduction, gamma-asterisk-p, nucleon, Nucleon deformation, p((e)over-right-arrow, Photoproduction, pion cloud, Pion electroproduction, quark-model, transition form-factors, virtual compton-scattering
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Host Institution: FSU
Is Part Of: Physics Letters B.
Issue: vol. 760

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Blomberg, A., Anez, D., Sparveris, N., Sarty, A. J., Paolone, M., Gilad, S., … Zhu, P. (2016). Electroexcitation Of The Delta(+)(1232) At Low Momentum Transfer. Physics Letters B. Retrieved from